MIPS in a Box 

A Turn-Key Solution To Help Your Clients Excel In Value-Based Care.

Who is MIPS in a Box for? 

EHR Vendors

Make MIPS reporting easy for your providers by offering them an integrated MIPS solution that supports all 53 eCQMs and Registry reporting and get a jumpstart on 2015 Certification at the same time.

MIPS Consultants

All-in-one solution for MIPS consulting groups of all sizes. Offer significantly higher value to your clients with reduced effort and grow your business.

Professional Associations

Provide MIPS solution for all your members and address their basic MIPS education needs with the ability to supplement it with specialty specific guidance.

What's in the Box? 

Everything you need to offer a comprehensive MIPS solution.

MIPS Learning Center

MIPS Learning Center is regularly updated with the latest CMS interpretation of the MACRA/MIPS regulations that continue to evolve. Take a deep dive into specific MIPS topics with live webinars and learn useful tips and best practices.  


MIPS Calculator

MIPS Calculator has all the MIPS rules built-in, enabling you to calculate MIPS score and monitor it for your clients on a regular basis. The MIPS Calculator also lets you estimate the financial impact of MIPS for your clients. 


MIPS  Score Simulator

Help your clients maximize their MIPS score by determining the best submission method, the best measures to report, the ideal performance rate for those measures, and whether to submit as a group or as individuals to maximize the payment adjustment.


Data Import Framework

Easliy import data for multiple providers into MyMipsScore for analysis. You can import the data as frequently as desired and deliver custom reports to your clients. This enables you to provide timely feedback and provide strategic guidance to your clients throughout the year. 


2015 Certified EHR Module

Support all 53 eCQMs without ever having to worry about the QRDA III updates by integrating your EHR with MyMipsScore 2015 Certified EHR Module.


2018 Qualified Registry

Offer your clients the option to submit MIPS data to CMS via Registry. Our 2018 Qualified Registry supports all the Quality measures (Registry measures and eCQMs). It also supports submission of ACI and IA data. 


Are You a Provider?

MIPS solutions for Individual Providers, Provider Groups, and
Virtual Groups are available through our Partners. 

Looking for a Custom Solution ? 

Get solutions that adapt to your workflow and requirements


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