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Solutions For EHR Vendors

Offer a plug and play MIPS solution 


Always Get the Latest MIPS Information and Resources 

MIPS Learning Center
Access the MIPS Learning Center for regularly updated information on various aspects of MIPS including the 10 Steps to MIPS Score.

MIPS Boot Camps & Webinars
Get trained on all the nuances of MIPS and benefit from custom MIPS training with focus on medical specialties that your EHR caters to.  


Import the data to calculate MIPS score and Payment Adjustment 

Data Import
MyMipsScore can serve as a MIPS plugin to your EHR enabling data import without requiring any custom integration. 

MIPS Calculator
MyMipsScore has all the MIPS rules built-in, allowing you to offer your customers the ability to calculate and monitor their MIPS score regularly and estimate their payment adjustment.

MyMipsScore is also offered as a white label solution.

Analyze & Maximize

Help your clients analyze all measures across multiple submission methods

EHR Integration
Support all eCQMs without ever having to worry about the QRDA III updates by integrating your EHR with MyMipsScore. With integration, your clients can analyze all 271 Quality measures available via EHR, Registry, and Claims to earn the best possible MIPS score.

Integration options are available for EHRs that are looking to obtain 2015 edition HIT certification and EHRs that are already 2015 certified.

Additional Revenue Opportunities
Offer MIPS analytical services to your clients to help them excel in MIPS. Using the robust MyMipsScore simulator, help your clients determine the best submission method, the best measures to report, and whether to report as a group or as individuals.


Help your clients submit MIPS data to CMS

2018 Qualified Registry
MyMipsScore is a 2018 Qualified Registry and supports MIPS submission for Quality, ACI, and IA performance categories. It also supports all the Quality measures (Registry measures and eCQMs) in an end-to-end manner to make your clients eligible for CEHRT bonus.  

EHR Submission
MyMipsScore supports EHR submission for all 53 MIPS eligible eCQMs via 2015 edition HIT certified module.

Do More With 2015 EHR Certification

Contact us to find how you can align 2015 edition EHR certification with MIPS, CPC Plus, and FHIR