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MIPS Performance Categories


Quality Overview Includes:
Quality Submission Methods Available
Data Completeness and Quality Score
Quality Category Bonus Points 
Topped Out Measures
Quality Category Scoring

More on Quality
Quality Improvement Scoring Bonus
Submission Method Selection
Quality Measure Benchmarks

Promoting Interoperability

PI Overview includes:
PI Exclusions and Exceptions
PI Measure Sets
PI Bonus Points
PI Scoring

More on PI 
2015 EHR Certification and ACI Base Measures 
Promoting Interoperability: What's New in 2018

Improvement Activities

IA Overview includes:
IA Scoring
IA Scoring Changes Introduced in 2018


Cost Overview includes:
Cost Scoring
Cost Improvement Scoring Bonus

More on Cost
2018 Cost Measures and Benchmarks 

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