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Offer a MIPS solution customized for your members 


Always Get the Latest MIPS Information and Resources 

MIPS Learning Center
Although the MACRA 2018 Final Rule is out, MIPS program is still evolving. The interpretation of the rules and finer details of the program might change with time.  We keep up with the CMS updates for you, so your members always get the latest information on various aspects of MIPS at the MIPS Learning Center.  

Custom MIPS Training
Request a customized MIPS training session to address the specialty specific MIPS requirements of your members.


Import the data to calculate MIPS score and Payment Adjustment 

Data Import
Import data from EHRs for comparative analysis without requiring any custom integration

MIPS Calculator
Calculate MIPS score for your members and estimate their payment adjustment based on MIPS score and Medicare Part B billing. MIPS calculator has all the rules built-in, saving you from complicated calculations and helping you in time-efficient analysis.

Analyze & Maximize

Provide actionable advice to your members to help them excel in MIPS

Best MIPS Measures
With the ability to analyze all 271 Quality measures across multiple submission methods, help your members identify the highest leverage measures to maximize their MIPS score.  

Best Submission Method
Determine the best submission method for your members by comparing scores across multiple submission methods for a given performance rate. 

Group Vs. Individual
Help your members determine whether reporting as a group or as Individuals will yield the highest payment adjustment.

Custom Reports
Access data from all your members and gain insights on how to better assist them. You can utilize this data to generate custom reports, and drill-down in to the performance data to assist your members with strategic planning and MIPS score monitoring throughout the year.


Help your members submit MIPS data to CMS

2018 Qualified Registry
MyMipsScore is a 2018 Qualified Registry which supports MIPS submission for Quality, ACI, and IA performance categories. It also supports reporting of all the Quality measures (Registry measures and eCQMs) in an end-to-end manner to make your members eligible for CEHRT bonus.  

You can also help your members to submit registry measures in addition to the QCDR measures that your organization supports.

EHR Submission
MyMipsScore supports EHR submission for all 53 MIPS eligible eCQMs via the 2015 edition HIT certified module. EHR submission for all the eCQMs is supported for EHRs that are integrated with MyMipsScore. 

For your members to enjoy the benefits of an integrated solution, request MyMipsScore to contact an EHR on your behalf 

Interested in Helping Your Members with MIPS ?

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