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MIPS For Providers

Put your effort where it counts the most.


MIPS Learning Center 
Access the most up-to-date information on MIPS at the MIPS Learning Center. You can also benefit from boot camps and webinars on various MIPS related topics. 

Our partners have MACRA/MIPS expertise spanning multiple specialties. Request a consultation with our partners for help with specific questions regarding your practice.


Data Import
You can’t calculate what you can’t capture. MyMipsScore enables import of data from multiple sources for analysis without requiring any custom integration.

MIPS Calculator 
This data is then used for calculating MIPS score and estimating the payment adjustment based on your estimated Medicare Part B billing.

Analyze & Maximize 

Best Measures and Submission Method 
Our partners can assist you with not only finding the best measures, but can also help determine the best submission method that will fetch you the highest MIPS score by analyzing your data throughout the year.

 Group Vs. Individual
Whether you report as a group or as individuals can make a substantial difference in the payment adjustment you receive. Our partners can help you make that decision based on your practice data.  


Registry Submission
Submit MIPS data to CMS with MyMipsScore via EHR and Registry methods. Our 2018 Qualified Registry supports all the Quality measures (Registry measures and eCQMs).

EHR Submission
MyMipsScore supports EHR submission for all 53 MIPS eligible eCQMs via 2015 edition HIT certified module.

MyMipsScore is Available Through Our Partner Network